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Revolution TV Show Cast and Characters


"Revolution" begins 15 years after the lights go out in a post-apocalyptic world. At first, no one can say why they went out, or how to turn them back on. But it doesn't matter because people are too busy trying to survive to sit down and explore physics.

Nature has reclaimed the modern world and people have had to learn to live without the internet, modern medical benefits and the protection of civil rights. In the 15 years that have past, Ben Matheson and others have had to raise their children in fear. Some have lost spouses or children for the lack of modern medicine. Some have seen family members hung by the militia for owning guns that provided defense against thieves, rapists and scavenging predators.

Militia governments are the only unifying code of law. In the beginning, they seized existing food supplies and forced people to turn over their weapons. Now, citizens live in fear for their lives as they try to feed and raise their children. To survive, families are forced to grow crops to support the militia that wields the power of life and death over them.

When the lights went out, some risked death and a charge of treason to fight against tyrannical militia that enslaved peaceful citizens. Others were relieved, thinking the danger had passed because they didn't have to live under the threat of nuclear bombs or global warming anymore. But they didn't realize the dangers that still existed. They found out that no one is exempt from starvation, sickness or disease. No one can predict when the militia will show up to kidnap a family member or kill one.

In this world, there are no hospitals, courts of law or Bill of Rights; only the rule of militia and the struggle for daily survival.

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