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With Charter Spectrum Internet, you can do it all. Check your email and chat with a friend, or upload photos and download online games and HD programming in seconds. Charter Internet Plus gives you the tools you need to customize and personalize your online experience. These high-speed broadband services will meet all of your online needs and fit comfortably into your budget. Order Charter Spectrum Internet and get faster downloads!

Charter Spectrum Internet offers five different internet services, with five different speeds to choose from. Customize and personalize your online service with the speed and price you need.

You can get any one of these services with a Security Suite that helps protect your computer from viruses, trojans, popups and spyware. With this security software, you can help safeguard up to three devices at the same time. This security software makes the world wide web a more secure environment.

The Charter Spectrum Internet Security Suite can also provide you with Parental Controls that make sure the world wide web is a safer place for your children, as well. Make sure they only go to the sites you want them on with Parental Controls that enforce your rules, even when you are not home.

These services come with traditional connections. You don't have to stay tied to your desk, if you don't want to be there. With your own wireless router, you can customize and personalize your online experience even more, so that you are surfing on your favorite device. Compatible devices for these services include game consoles and SmartPhones. You can surf, network and download from any room in the house, or go outside on your porch and enjoy the weather while you play your games or do research for school.

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When you want the best for your children, you can include the online services provided by Charter Communications Internet. This provider can give your children the extra online learning aids they need. The Charter Spectrum Internet Learning Pack Online service offers games for younger children that help them learn and grow, even before they get into school full-time. The older children can enjoy online access to study and research aids like Britannica, to help them with homework and upcoming tests.

If you have sports fans in your house, get ready for online access to Sports View Plus. This service can give you online access to sports channels and popular sports websites. You can watch sports programming from FOX College Sports, CBS College Sports and The Sportsman Channel, plus a large selection of other channels.

Charter Cable gives you access to internet for light use or for heavy surfing, networking, viewing and downloading. You don't have to do without. Get everything you want and need through one provider. Get it all with Charter Spectrum Internet.

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