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Charter Cable TV Athens Georgia DealsThe choices that Charter Spectrum TV Athens Georgia has to offer are hard to believe, since only 60 years ago, all there was to watch on television were 3 or 4 network channels in black and white.. When the first color TV shows graced the world with their presence, people thought it was the greatest thing since cotton candy. Saturday nights were spent with the family watching Lawrence Welk and the Grand Ole Opery. Who would have thought that watching television would evolve into the choices that customers have today? Learn more about money saving offers from Charter Communications Athens GA.

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More movies than you could watch in a lifetime are at your disposal 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you can’t be at home to watch them, then you can now record them and enjoy them later. No more old black and white or snowy colored television reception like the days of old, you are now able to watch everything in crystal clear high definition (HD) format in brilliant color. Movies and programs viewed at screen resolutions at 480p to 720p will make you think you are at a live performance.

Online Gaming for the Kids (and Don’t Forget the Parents)

After the ancient phenomenon of Colored TV, the next thing to hit the market was games that you played on your TV set. Back them everyone thought those little cartridges you purchased to put in your little black box to play a game was so much fun. Dad and mom even joined in to play Pac-Man for family night. Advancing technology into the future faster than the 15 to 100 Mbps data transfer rate choices that Athens Georgia Charter Internet Plus gives its customers, playing the thousands of online games will never compare to those old gaming consoles. You know how people say if you can figure out how to operate an electronic device, get a kid to look at it.

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Charter Athens Georgia Internet Specials

That’s the same overwhelmed sense that grandma and grandpa feel when you walk into their house playing a game on your iPad or iPhone. However, some parents want to learn cutting-edge technology and join in the family fun and it is additionally a good way to know what kind of games your children are playing. For parental convenience, games come with ratings now just like movies so that moms and dads can make sure that the kids are not playing games with too much violence. Another way for parents to monitor the activities of their children and the online content that they can access is with the popular parental controls that are offered with Charter Internet in Athens GA.

Calling all Friends and Family

Forget about how many minutes you talk and how much it will cost to call the people you love whether it is family or friends. Call the kids at college and camp….Call your parents in another state….Call the friend that moved across the country last year….or Call up your old college buddies and plan a weekend reunion, whatever your desires and needs may be, Charter Spectrum Phone Athens Georgia is giving away free long distance to anywhere in the country.

Folks everywhere are cutting back on the phone service additional features to save money but you don’t have to give up services when you go with Charter Communications Phone Unlimited. Not only do you get unlimited free long distance, you also get voicemail and 10 popular calling features, some that you could not even have with your old service and you can have them without paying a nickel for them.

Charter Athens Georgia Bundle Deals

Service, Service and More Service in a Charter Spectrum Communications Bundle

Gone are the old days of paying a phone bill to one company, a bill for your internet to another, and even a separate bill for your satellite TV. Bundles have stopped that nonsense, and it’s now as easy as ABC to get a single bill with Charter Cable TV, Charter Internet Plus, and Charter Phone Unlimited all combined. When you get more than one service in the same package, it is Charter Communications Athens Georgia’s way of letting you control what you get in home entertainment as well as how much you’ll pay monthly for all the movies you can watch, recording capability, unlimited online browsing and gaming, and unlimited free long distance.

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Bills that keep piling up on you for the same old boring services and fees are enough to depress anyone.  Having more packaged deals that all have plenty of channel selections, internet access with a whole new world to explore at blazing fast speeds, and home phone service with lots of free features and long distance can bring you out of the slump. Charter Cable Packages in Athens GA offers all the first-class services you can handle.

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