The Bachelor: Love, Money, Scams

The Bachelor is a competitive reality show that premiered on the ABC network in 2002. The show was created by Mike Fleiss and has been a runaway success. Since its debut, the show has completed nineteen seasons and is presently running its 20th season. The success of the show has inspired many spin-offs which include The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, and Bachelor Pad.

The Bachelor logo

The concept of the show is pretty simple. Each season has one bachelor, who gets to choose from a group of eligible women, who are interested in him, his most suitable partner. In an ideal scenario, at the end of the show, the bachelor gets engaged to one of the girls and subsequently get married. Of course, this is not always the case. Sometimes, there is no proposal made in the finale or even when there is a proposal, the couple sometimes breaks up even after getting engaged on the show. The group stays together for multiple weeks, with a girl getting eliminated each week, until finally there are only two left. The group visits beautiful destinations and live in a mansion together, which is interesting to watch.

The bachelor decides everything on the show. There are different kinds of activities that the couples indulge themselves in – the traditional one-on-one date, the interesting two-on-one date and the awkward group date. However, all these give the bachelor a good picture of how any girl really is and helps him in making a decision. There are parties, fun contests, and interactions between the bachelor and the girls in each episode. The Bachelor makes a judgment on the basis of everything that he observes and feels. Then, at the end of the episode, he offers roses to the contestants. Those who get the rose continue to stay, while those who don’t have to leave.

After weeks of spending time together, towards the final episodes, the bachelor visits the family of each of the girls. At this time, four girls are still in competition. After getting acquainted with the families, the bachelor eliminates one of the girls.

Now, it is the time for one-on-one dates. This usually happens at an exotic location and luxurious suite. During this time, the couple spends some real alone time with each other, away from the cameras for the night. At the end of this round, the bachelor selects the two finalists. At this time, it is the turn of the girls to meet the family of the bachelor. This is the point when the bachelor gets the chance to consult his family for help in choosing his fiancé.

This is followed by the final rose ceremony, where the actual proposal takes place. In the history of the show, almost 50% of the seasons have not resulted in the proposal. Also, the girls are free to leave the show at any point in time, if they lose interest in getting hitched to the bachelor. It is a rare event, but it can also happen that a particular girl is evicted from the house for not following the rules.

The bachelor is usually a pretty affluent person

The first season of the show started airing in 2002 with Alex Michel as the first ever bachelor on the show. The management consultant was not sure enough to choose any of the girls to be his wife, but did enter into a relationship with Amanda Marsh. It was a wise decision on his part, as the couple parted ways only months after the show. Alex later married a childhood friend. The very same year in September, Aaron Buerge came on air to find a life partner. He was the VP of a chain of family owned banks. This bachelor did propose to Helene Eksterowicz at the end of the show. Surprisingly, they broke up only weeks after the show culminated. They are now married to different people.

In 2003, Andrew Firestone, a sales executive came looking for his life partner on the third season of the show. In the finale, he did propose to Jen Schefft, but the relationship did not work out. He is now married and is father to three kids. Bob Guiney became the next bachelor in the fourth season of the show. The entrepreneur did not find a wife on the show. But, he left the show with a relationship with the finalist, Estella Gardinier. But, this relationship also met the same fate as all “The Bachelor” love stories. Jesse Palmer, the college football player and The Bachelor of season five did not have any different luck either. He did not make a proposal and his relationship with Jessica Bowlin bit the dust almost immediately after the show ended.

There was a slight tweak in the format of the show in the sixth season. Apart from having 25 bachelorettes, the show also featured two bachelors, Byron Velvick and Jay Overbye. The women had to choose a bachelor at the beginning of the show and Velvick ruled the votes. At the finale, he proposed to Mary Delgado. The relationship seemed solid, but after five years together, this couple also decided to go their separate ways.

The seasons from seven to nine did not see any proposals from the Bachelors. The tenth season did break the jinx with the naval officer Andrew Baldwin’s proposal to Tessa Horst. However, they could not break the jinx of the show and called off their engagement within a month. The bachelor of the eleventh season actually rejected both the finalists.

The Bachelor contestants get to do amazing things on set

It was seasons twelve to seventeen that brought really good news. There was a proposal at the finale of each of these seasons. Season 13 came with a surprise of sorts when the account executive Jason Mesnick broke the engagement he had with Melissa Rycroft on the show and started a relationship with the runner-up, Molly Malaney. They eventually got married, which was a first for The Bachelor. Season 17 gave the audiences the moment they had all been waiting for. A proposal in the finale by Sean Lowe was accepted by the finalist Catherine Guidici. They stuck to the commitment and got married in 2014. Season 18 saw no proposal, while Season 19 witnessed the engagement of Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff. However, it was called off later.

The twentieth season of the show is yet to conclude and it will be interesting to see if the software professional, Ben Higgins, is able to find his perfect bachelorette.

Matthew rhys 2

Matthew Rhys unbelievable actor and superstar

Matthew Rhys, a welsh actor, was born on November the eighth of 1974. Many people know him by
some of his more popular roles such as Kevin Walker in an ABC family drama called Brothers and
Sisters and, more recently, the FX drama called The Americans. Born and raised in Cardiff, Wales,
Matthew’s parents were both in the education system with his father, Glyn, who was a headmaster and
his mother, Helen Evans. Having been educated via Welsh-medium schools, Rhys found himself
playing Elvis in a musical at the age of seventeen but decided to further his education in the arts by
applying to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, in which he was also accepted; shortly thereafter he
was also awarded the Patricia Rothermere Scholarship (1993).

Having an already productive start, Matthew Rhys added to his early success when he appeared in a
BBC police series called Back-Up, as well as House of America, while he was still in attendance with
the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. Following this, Matthew returned to his hometown, Cardiff, to
act in his own language in the movie called Bydd Yn Wrol (Be Brave). After the release of the movie he
won best actor at the Bafta Cymru (Welsh BAFTA’s), furthering his already growing list of

Matthew Rhys’s career became official in 1998 when he traveled to New Zealand to star in Greenstone,
a colonial costume drama. His acting career continued to stay active and after Greenstone, however,
and he nailed a role in Titus. This was a break in his acting career especially due to the fact that Titus
starred Anthony Hopkins and Jessica Lange. Next on his extensive list of career roles, Matthew Rhys
plays in Whatever Happened to Harold Smith?, a Peter Hewlitt comedy, as a character named Ray. He
then played in two films with Jonathan Pryce (The Testimony of Taliesin Jones and Sara Sugarman
comedy called Very Annie Mary). His later role on the show Brothers and Sisters would reunite him
with the star of Very Annie Mary, Rachel Griffiths.
In 2000, Matthew landed the lead role in the drama series, Metropolis, for Granada TV. Soon after he
starred in Peaches, written by Nick Grosso, he appeared in a stage adaptation of The Graduate, The
Abduction Club, and Tabloid. Following the long list of performances previously mentioned, Matthew
Rhys made his way back to New Zealand for the filming of one of his most successful roles in the epic
BBC drama Lost. Justin Price became Matthew’s role of 2003 when he played the last murderer in the
last ever Columbo. After playing in a few other roles including Brothers and Sisters, he moved to Santa
Monica. In the more recent years, Matthew Rhys is known for his roles in The Mystery of Edwin
Drood, The Scapegoat, Look Back In Anger and The Americans. From the start it’s easy to say that
Matthew Rhys is a successful and actively involved actor that has skills noticed by millions and his
extensive list of roles are testimony to that.

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Cuba Gooding Jr. on O.J. Simpson Trial- You Have No Idea What Really Went Down

Cuba Gooding Jr’s untold secrets and incredible career

Cuba Gooding Jr. is an American Actor known for his outstanding performances in a number of movies, including his critically acclaimed performance in Jerry Maguire. He has best known for his appearances in the movies such as Boyz n the Hood (1991), As Good As It Gets (1997), American Gangster (2007), The Fighting Temptation (2003), The Butler (2013) and most recently, Selma (2014). Other than these movies, he also starred in a TV show – Guilty, which was directed by McG as a pilot for Fox. He was given a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the year 2002.

Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Early Life

Academy Award Winner Cuba Gooding Jr on #OscarsSoWhite
Academy Award Winner Cuba Gooding Jr on #OscarsSoWhite

Cuba Gooding was born in the New York City on 2nd January, 1968. His mother was a singer and his father was a lead vocalist for a soul music band. Gooding has three brothers and sisters – Tommy, Omar, and April. Among them, his second sibling, Omar is also an actor and a musician. His father came from Barbados, and shifted their home to Los Angeles in 1972. Two years after that in 1974, his father took off and never came back. After that, it was Gooding’s mother that raised him all by herself.
In his early years, Gooding had to change high schools more than once because of his family problems and studied at four of them. The interesting thing is that in three of those schools, he was chosen to the position of class president.
Gooding was one of the lucky ones to actually marry his high school sweetheart in 1994. Very soon, he even became a proud father of the three kids – Piper, Spencer and Mason. However, things have not remained as great now as it was reported in 2014 that Sara has filed for a divorce.

Acting Career

He started his career by performing for the very first time as a break dancer at the closing ceremony of the 1984 Summer Olympics with singer Lionel Richie. After completing his high school and before he took an interest towards acting, Gooding spent three years learning martial arts. Then, he began to pursue his career in the field of acting. In the early stage of his career, he appeared in guest roles in a number of TV shows, the likes of which include Hill Street Blues, Amen and MacGyver. Other than this, he had a minor role in the comedy TV show, Coming To America.

Cuba Gooding landed himself his first major opportunity in the year 1991, with the movie, “Boyz n the Hood”. The lead role of Tre Styles was played by Gooding the movie. The film, now considered to be a modern classic, came to be a surprise hit at the box office and got a great critical acclaim. This was the movie that spawned the seeds of his success. It was soon followed by some bit hits, including Lightening Jack, Outbreak, Judgment Night and A Few Good Men.

cuba gooding jr crashes stage during aziz ansari stand up
Cuba Gooding Jr. crashes stage during Aziz Ansari stand up

The year 1996 proved to be a golden year for Gooding. He was selected for the role of a football player whose sporting days may be behind him, in the sports-comedy blockbuster, Jerry Maguire by Cameron Crowe. Gooding brought the character of this arrogant but charismatic player alive in a way that won the hearts of both critics as well as the audiences. This movie, co-starring Tom Cruise, was an immense commercial and critical success. His excellent performance in the movie gained him an Academy Award. His dialogue “Show Me the Money!” gained a nationwide attention and soon became a catch phrase.

The following year, Gooding got an opportunity to act in the movie, As Good As It Gets. This movie too won an Academy Award and with this, Gooding’s career took a long flight in the sky of success. From here, he was constantly praised for his outstanding performances in the movies such as What Dreams May Come True (1998) and Men of Honor (2000).

Cuba Gooding was also known for his performance as Doris Miller in the movie Pearl Harbour (2001). His performance in the Rat Race the same year did not lower his fame either. As part of his next project, he co-stared with Beyoncé Knowles in the musical film The Fighting Temptations. His next notable appearance was in Snow Dogs (2002), a family-comedy, which was quite a big success at the box office. But, during this period, he also acted in a number of movies that didn’t perform so well at the box office nor with the critics. These include Chill Factor (1999), Daddy Day Camp (2007), and so on. During the same period, he also appeared in a number of movies that were a box office flop, which could not overshadow his fame.

Cuba Gooding Jr  joins Big Time
Cuba Gooding Jr joins Big Time

Since then, Gooding has acted in quite a number of critically ignored movies, in complete contrast to his early career. Around this time, the successful movies such as The Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story and American Gangster stand as exception to his streak of unsuccessful movies. He made his debut in the Broadway Theatre with The Trip To Bountiful, alongside Vanessa Williams and Cicely Tyson. The Broadway show was nominated for a Tony Award and received good response overall. In 2014, he was casted for the role of Fred Gray in Selma, which gained him a huge critical acclaim. Since then, he is seen more on the television than on the silver screen. For instance, his performance in the role of Samuel Fraunces in The Book of Negroes has been widely praised. Another one of his notable television appearances is in the role of O.J. Simpson in the upcoming TV show, American Crime Story. He has made his appearance in many hit movies as well as television shows, and has received a great critical acclaim for his outstanding performances. He has even achieved a star in the Hollywood Walk Of Fame in the year 2002.

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Justin Bieber - Confident ft. Chance The Rapper

Shocking, Troubling, or just Justin Bieber. What is his real persona?

Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer, record producer and songwriter who was discovered via YouTube. His debut album, My World was released in 2009, which was certified Platinum in US. Justin, after this first release, became the first artist to ever get seven songs on the Billboard Hot 100, on debut. The pop-star released his first full-length studio album in the year 2010 by the name My World 2.0. It was certified as triple platinum in the US and debuted as one of the top albums in several countries. After this, Bieber brought out his most successful single to date, Baby which was certified as 12X- platinum in the US.

Justin was born on 1st March, 1994 in the city of London in Ontario, Canada. His father, Jeremy Jack Bieber and mother, Patricia Mallette were not married each other. He was brought up in Stratford, Ontario with his mother and his grandmother, Diane, along with his step-grandfather, Bruce. Bieber’s mother has French-Canadian ancestry, while his father has a German heritage, and his other also has Irish and English ancestors. Bieber also has two half-siblings from his father’s side.

Justin Bieber went to Jeanne Sauve Catholic School in Stanford. His interest in music is reflected from the fact that he learned to play various instruments like drums, trumpet, guitar and piano while growing up. He passed out from Michael Catholic Secondary School with a GPA of 4.0 in the year 2012.

Justin Bieber What Did You Mean
From the Justin Bieber – What Did You Mean? music video

At an age of 12, Justin Bieber sang in a local competition and won the second position. His mother uploaded the video of his complete performance on YouTube to share it with relatives and friends. After that, she continued uploading Bieber’s videos of singing various popular songs, and slowly he started becoming popular on the site.

Justin Bieber was discovered when Scooter Braun, who had worked as a marketing executive with So So Def Recordings. He actually clicked on a 2007 YouTube video of Justin, by accident. He was immediately impressed upon listening to Bieber’s voice and tracked him down. Justin Bieber’s mother was reluctant at first, believe it or not, because of Braun’s Judaism. But upon getting convinced from a church elder, she finally agreed to it. Justin was then flown to Atlanta, Georgia to record samples and just within a week he had started singing for Usher. All this at a young age of thirteen.

The first single of Justin Bieber, One Time, was on the radio, when Bieber had not yet even finished recording his first album. During its first week of release, the song reached number 12 on the Canadian Hot 100 and later listed as number seventeen on Billboard Top 100. His first release was named My World, which eventually became platinum in the US. The album also earned a double platinum in both UK and Canada. For the promotion of the album Bieber performed on many tours and European Programs.

The famous song, Baby, was released in January 2010 from Bieber’s album, My World 2.0. The song got international recognition and marked its presence in the top 5 in both Canadian Hot 100 and Billboard Hot 100 list. When the whole album was released it gained favorable reviews and made an entry into the US Billboard chart. The immense success of the album made Bieber the youngest male solo artist to top this chart since the sixties.

Justin Bieber - All That Matters
From the Justin Bieber – All That Matters music video

In October, 2010 Justin Bieber announced that he will soon be releasing an acoustic album known as My World Acoustic, which was released in November, 2010. Bieber was ranked at number two on the Forbes list of best paid celebrities under the age of thirty in the year 2011. He was one of the top seven musicians who earned $53 million in a 12-month period.

After that, he released the Christmas-themed Under The Mistletoe as his second studio album in November 2011. It debuted number one on Billboard 200. Bieber began recording his second studio album in late 2011. The album was named Believe, in which the first song was called Boyfriend. The song became Justin Bieber’s first ever single to reach the top in Canadian Hot 100. The whole album was released in June, 2012 by Island Records. The album came out as Bieber’s fourth number one album on Billboard 200. It sold 57,000 copies of the album in Canada in the first week, bringing it to the top of Canadian Album Charts.

Bieber announced on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, in December 2012, about his plans on the album titled Believe Acoustic, which then came out in January 2013. An announcement was made by Bieber in October, 2013 that he would release a song every Monday for 10 weeks that wound lead to his movie Justin Bieber’s Believe, which was released in December 2013. Justin was also a featured roastee in Comedy Central’s Annual Roast Special for the year 2015.

PURPOSE The Movement
PURPOSE The Movement

Bieber released a new single, titled What Do You Mean? from his album Purpose in the August of 2015. It became Bieber’s first number one single on the Billboard Hot 100. Becoming the youngest artist to ever top the chart, he also received a Guinness World Record for this feat. The whole album was released in November, 2015 and became Bieber’s sixth album to debut at the top of the chart.

Justin Bieber has been one of the most searched teenager on Google for four years straight. Throughout his active years in the industry, he has been in the news with cameras and paparazzi right above his head. The success of the travel tours by Justin Bieber (Urban Behavior Tour, My World Tour, Believe Tour, Purpose World Tour), displays the level of craze for him, predominantly among the teenagers and mostly, girls at that. On Twitter, Bieber comes at number two, after Katy Perry, for highest number of followers at 72,472,285 followers.

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dakota johnson

Dakota Johnson’ Glamorous Lifestyle Brings Joy to Many

Dakota Mayi Johnson is a Hollywood Model and Actress. She starred in the comedy TV series, Ben and Kate, which premiered in the year 2012 and was aired only briefly. However, she is best known for her role as the leading female actress in a number of movies such as The Social Network, 21 Jump Street, 50 Shades of Grey, Need for Speed, and so on. While she appeared in the 2015 film, Chloe and Theo, her next project is How To Be Single, which will be released in 2016.

Early Life

Dakota Johnson in New York
Dakota Johnson in New York

Johnson was born on October 4, 1989 in Austin, Texas, U.S. Her mother, Melanie Griffith and father, Don Johnson are both well-known actors. Her maternal grandfather is an advertising executive Peter Griffith, who was also a former child actor. Also, her maternal grandmother is Tippi Hedren, who was a Golden Globe winning actress. Johnson is the step-daughter of Antonio Banderas. She has a total of 6 step-siblings both on her father’s and mother’s side combined.
Dakota Johnson has attended three different schools during her childhood. When she was in school, she was a very good dancer. Her interest in modeling began after her photo-shoot for the magazine, Teen Vogue, when she was 12 years old. This paved the way for her acting career, which isn’t really a surprise considering that she is a third generation actress in the family.

Acting Career

Dakota Johnson’s acting debut was with the movie, Crazy In Alabama, in the year 1999. In the movie, Johnson and Stella Banderas, her sister, play the role of siblings. Their mother in the movie is played by Melanie Griffith, who is their real-life mother. Also, Antonio Banderas, who was her step-father at the time, was the director of the film. In 2006, Johnson was chosen as Miss Golden Globe 2006. She was the first second-generation Golden Globe in its history.
As soon as Johnson graduated from high school, she did not waste any time before pursuing her career in acting. She soon got a role in The Social Network by David Fincher, in which her performance was widely appreciated by the critics. During the next few years, she played major roles in a number of movies, including the likes of Beastly, Chloe and Theo by Ezna Sands, and For Ellen by So Young Kim. In the year 2012, she appeared in The Five-Year Engagement, the movie 21 Jump Street and Christopher Neil’s film Goats, with David Duchovny. Next she appeared in Date and Switch as the female lead.

Dakota Johnson for Glamour
Dakota Johnson for Glamour

Dakota Johnson made her television debut on the Fox sitcom, Ben and Kate. She played the role of Kate on the short-lived TV show, in which her performance received good response. However, in 2013, only after airing a season of the show, it was cancelled. After the unsuccessful experience with television, Dakota Johnson quickly revived her career in the year 2014 with the film, Need For Speed. Apart from that, she also appeared in the movie Cymbeline, which was based on William Shakespeare’s work of the same name. She even appeared in the final episode of the TV series, The Office, in the year 2013 as one of the new employees.

Her biggest project so far has been Fifty Shades of Grey (2015), in which she plays the role of the female lead, Anastasia Steele. She won over the role by competing against the likes of Felicity Jones, Denielle Panabaker, Elizabeth Olsen, Shailene Woodleyand, and Lucy Hale. This pushed her to the top, in terms of fame. Later, she even appeared on the fortieth anniversary special of the Saturday Night live. Later, sheeven hosted an episode of the Saturday Night Live by herself. In 2015, she got to work again with her 21Jump Street cast member, Johnny Depp in the 2015 movie Black Mass. She plays the role of his child’s mother.

In the year 2015, she starred in the thriller film A Bigger Splash by Luca Guadagnino. In this movie she costarred with Matthias Schoenaerts, Ralph Fiennes and Tilda Swinton. The movie will be released in the U.S. in May, 2016. Johnson also plays a widow in the movie, Forever Interrupted, for which she is also an executive producer. The film will be released later this year.

Dakota Johnson for VOGUE
Dakota Johnson for VOGUE

She has also been cast alongside Nicholas Braun and Leslie Mann, in the comedy, How To Be Single (2016). In the Autumn/Winter 2015 issue of AnOther Magazine, Dakota Johnson also mentioned that she is training herself very intensely in ballet for the Luca Guadagnino’s upcoming remake of the Italian horror movie, Suspiria.

Modeling Career

Johnson considers acting as her main career choice. But, that hasn’t stopped her from modeling from time to time. She has taken several modeling projects. She modeled for the jeans Brand Mango in the year 2009 and also shot a campaign for the Australian brand, Wish in the year 2011.


Dakota Johnson has acted in numerous movies over the years and her performances have been praised by the critics as well as the audiences. She has been nominated and has won quite a number of awards. For instance, for the movie The Social Network, the entire cast of the film won Ensemble Of The Year Award in the Hollywood Film Awards for the year 2010. They again won Ensemble Cast Award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. Other than this, she was also nominated for two more awards for her excellent performance in the movie. Her role in the TV series Ben and Kate, gained her the award for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series in the Women’s Image Network Award in the year 2013. She won the Calvin Klein Spotlight Award for Elle Women In Hollywood. She has also been nominated for People’s choice Award in the Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress category, the decision for which is still pending.

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Curb your enthusiasm premieres in july of this year

Curb Your Enthusiasm

The comedy television series, Curb Your Enthusiasm, was created by Larry David, who was also, in part, responsible for the iconic show, Seinfeld. Curb Your Enthusiasm premiered on HBO on October 15, 2000. It ran for eight seasons, through which it aired a total of 80 episodes. It started as a one-time project, but was extended later. The last episode of the series was broadcasted in 2011.


Curb Your Enthusiasm is more or less about the life and times of Larry David, which has a major fictional portion too. Like in the real world, the character of Larry David in the show, is also a big name in showbiz. He is living in Los Angeles with his wife and has no kids. He is very close to Jeff Greene, his manager. Jeff’s wife, Susie, is also a peculiar character with quite a temperament. The show sees many real life celebrities including actors, politicians, sports personalities, and so on.

Larry David and Jeff Garlin are a crucial part of the show
Larry David and Jeff Garlin are a crucial part of the show

The show has the daily life as its central premise, somewhat like Seinfeld. It revolves around Larry David and his various problems and social awkwardness. He often finds other people’s behavior annoying and has a hard time following social conventions, which he is not shy to express. This often leads to trouble and of course, the comedy. Larry is shown to be semi-retired and is seldom found working in his office.

The series also covers his working on the musical, The Producers and The Seinfeld Reunion Show. Most of the series finds him locking horns with his friends, but there is no bad blood between them. The show is primarily shot in the Westside, Santa Monica, Culver City and Beverly Hills in Los Angeles. Some of the parts are also filmed in Larry’s hometown, New York. The interesting title, ‘Curb Enthusiasm’ is Larry’s creation too. According to him, more often than not, people show off fake enthusiasm in order to paint a false picture about their life. They want to prove that they have a better life than most, and hence the need for curbing.


Larry David plays himself in the show. He is portrayed as someone, who does what he thinks he needs to do. He finds himself in peculiar situations because of his stubborn beliefs and self-serving ethical code, which he is ready to bend as per his will. He is surrounded by stubborn people too, which makes the situation a little difficult.

The part of Larry’s wife, Cheryl David, is played by Cheryl Hines. She is generally annoyed with Larry, even when he cannot do much about the situations. But, more often than not, she is annoyed for the right reasons. Larry is a neurotic character and is not an easy guy to live with. Cheryl herself has a pretty hectic life outside of this testing marriage. She is an actor and a staunch supporter of issues related to the environment. She is also a part of a fundraiser for the well-known NRDC.

characters that come into play with Larry are usually having to compromise their morals in order to give the man what he wants
characters that come into play with Larry are usually having to compromise their morals in order to give the man what he wants

Then, there is Jeff Greene, a confidante of Larry. This character is portrayed by Jeff Garlin, who is also an executive producer of the show. He plays his closest friend, who is sympathetic towards the travails of Larry. However, he himself has a not so happy marriage and often cheats. Covering up for the same creates all the more trouble for Larry. Jeff Garlin himself described his character as a “pretty evil guy”.

Jeff Greene is married to Susie, played by Susie Essman. She is not the most lovable people and she does have a mouth on her. However, she is not portrayed to be a bad person. Though both of them love each other, apparently, his wife is always criticizing him either over his decisions in life in general or his weight, in particular. They also have a daughter together named Sammi and her character is played by Ashly Holloway.

The other characters in Larry’s fictional life consist of the real life Richard Lewis, Wanda Sykes and Ted Danson. The role of Larry’s dad, Nat David, is played by Shelley Berman. Then there is Marty Funkhauser, another old friend of Larry, played by Bob Einstein. There is also another recurring character of Becky, who is Cheryl’s sister. This character has been donned by Kaitlin Olson. Vivica A. Fox was also seen in the series as Loretta Black, who later becomes Larry’s love interest, after he is separated from his wife.


The show was very well-received by the audiences and critics alike. It was largely praised for the improvised performances of the actors. As the seasons progressed, the show was able to expand its audience base. It was not catering to a niche audience anymore. It enjoyed high Metacritic ratings throughout and season 3 scored the highest of all at 93/100.

There are many recurring famous characters that get very angry at Larry's character
There are many recurring famous characters that get very angry at Larry’s character

The show got numerous nominations. The series has to its credit prestigious awards like the Golden Globe for the Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy, has won two Producers Guild of America Awards and a Writers Guild of America Award. It also got Robert B. Weide two Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Direction in a Comedy Series. In addition to these, it has also won two Directors Guild of America Awards, once by Bryan Gordon and a second time by Robert B. Weide.


Here is a distinction that not many shows or may be no show can boast of. In 2003, while shooting for an episode of the show, a footage of a certain Juan Catalan was caught along with his daughter, while they were attending a baseball game. Well, this ordinary footage became an evidence in the murder investigation, where he was a prime suspect. He was cleared of the charges because the footage proved that he was not even close to the crime scene at the time of the murder.
The show came to a halt after airing the eighth season. There has been no announcement of the ninth season and with time, it is becoming less and less probable that there ever will be one.

The Leftovers Logo

In Today’s World, Who Will be The Leftovers?

The Leftovers is a supernatural television drama series broadcast on the American network, HBO. The show was created by Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta, based on Tom’s novel of the same name. Tom is also one of the executive producers along with Peter Berg, Sarah Aubrey, Mimi Leder, and Tom Spezialy. The show debuted on June 29, 2014 on HBO, and has since then completed two full seasons. The third season is on its way, and is slated to be the final installment of the show.


Amy Brenneman is Laurie Garvey
Amy Brenneman is Laurie Garvey

The show revolves around the mysterious disappearances of people all over the world. Roughly a hundred and forty million people, which is about 2 percent of the global population, have suddenly disappeared under mysterious circumstances. This global event is termed as “Sudden Departure” and happened simultaneously all over the world at once. The people who disappeared, simply left no traces as to what happened to them. Not even clothing. People who were driving cars disappeared while the vehicle was in motion, leaving their car to crash. Even fetuses disappeared from their mothers’ wombs. Scientists all over the world tried their best to explain the phenomenon, but completely failed to understand what happened. Interestingly, nobody has seen anyone actually disappear. The pets, who did, turned hostile towards humans, and even turned vicious.

The series itself is set after three years of the Sudden Departure. It follows the lives of a family in the fictitious town of Mapleton in New York. Garvey family and their acquaintances are still grappling with the whole situation when it appears that the worst might not be over for them yet. While the first season of the show was set in Mapleton, the second season shifted to another fictional city of Jarden in Texas. After the Sudden Departure, the world’s major religions have lost their followers and simply lost their relevance. The void left by them has been filled by numerous cults that emerged from all corners of the world. The most notable of these cults is Guilty Remnant, which is growing stronger with time. The Garvey family is not immune to these events. Kevin Garvey is the Chief of Police, and has quite a lot on his plate. He is trying to maintain some level of rationality in the society, which is now marred by the grief and cluelessness of losing their loved ones inexplicably. His wife Laurie has joined the Guilty Remnant.


Justin Theroux is Kevin Garvey
Justin Theroux is Kevin Garvey

The role of Kevin Garvey Jr. is played by Justin Theroux. The father of two has been hit both professionally as well as personally with the Sudden Departure. It is upon him to maintain order in a society whose structures are increasingly falling apart and new ones are emerging in unprecedented ways. Also, his unborn daughter was among the ones who disappeared. After the event, his wife Laurie has left the family. With his son Tommy leaving for college and his teenage daughter Jill acting out, he is simply clueless as to what he should do about his family breaking up like this. Kevin’s wife, Laurie is portrayed by Amy Brenneman. At some point after the global event, Laurie left her entire family and joined the Guilty Remnant, a cult force that is growing in size and influence. Kevin’s son, Tommy, is played by Chris Zylka. Tommy dropped out of his college and is significantly being influenced by a strange person who goes by the title, “Holy Wayne”. While Kevin’s daughter Jill, played by Margaret Qualley, has been a straight-A student all her life, her relationship with her father has been less than warm.

The former reverend, Matt Jamison, played by Christopher Eccleston, believes the global event to be a Biblical rapture, and is unable to cope with the fact that many sinners were taken, while he, a good Christian was left behind. He self-publishes a tabloid that outs sinners. His sister is Nora Durst (Carrie Coon), who lost her husband, daughter and son in the departure. Matt’s wife, Mary Jamison (Janel Moloney), was paralyzed by a car crash that occurred during the departure. The other notable cast on the show include Ann Dowd as Patti Levin, Michael Gaston as Dean, Max Carver as Adam Frost, Charlie Carver as Scott Frost, Emily Meade as Aimee, Amanda Warren as Lucy Warburton, and others.


HBO was quick to acquire the rights for the development of the series based on Perrotta’s novel even before the novel hit the shelves in August 2011. The network also signed up Perrotta as a writer and executive producer for the show along with other executive producers Ron Yerxa and Albert Berger. By 2012, HBO had brought Damon Lindelof onboard to be the showrunner. By February the next year, a pilot was ordered and by September, HBO decided to produce a 10-episode season for the show.

The first season completely covers the main events from the book. However, the second season is all original content created specifically for the show. The show is produced by HBO in association with Warner Bros. Television.


Margaret Qualley is Jill Garvey
Margaret Qualley is Jill Garvey

The show has received generally favorable ratings from the audience as well as critics. Critics have praised the performance of the actors, and how the show has managed to bring life to its various characters. However, the show is best noted for its portrayal of events that are thought provoking and a commentary on what makes people tick under duress. The show has received a number of award nominations, including Critics’ Choice Television Award, Writers Guild of America Awards, the Satellite Awards, and so on.
It is interesting to note that the show gathered an average response from the audience in its first season. By the second season, it had developed a cult following among its fans. So much so that after the conclusion of the second season, fans demonstrated outside the offices of HBO in Manhattan in a bid to convince them to not give up on the show, and produce a third season. HBO has given the nod for the third season, but it will be the conclusion of the series.

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Lost Girl Logo

An Essential Guide to Lost Girl

Lost Girl is a Canadian series which originally aired on the Canadian channel Showcase. It eventually premiered on international channels, including the Australian, British and American versions of the SyFy Channel.

The series is considered to be a supernatural drama, and originally premiered in Canada on September 12th, 2010. The show continued for a total of five seasons; before the fifth season premiere in August of 2014, the network Showcase announced to fans that the fifth season would be the final season for the show, although the network did decide to order 16 total episodes in place of the regular 13 episode order for the last season.

Anna Silk as Bo
Anna Silk as Bo

Since its premiere, Lost Girl has earned generally favorable reviews, particularly from critics who specialize in science fiction, supernatural and niche genre TV shows. The show was generally considered a success due to good ratings and a positive response from fans. The success of the show has even led to the rumor that a spin-off series was in the works, but as of the fall of 2015, Showcase has neither confirmed nor denied these rumors.

Whether you’re a major Lost Girl fan or are just now catching onto this supernatural drama, consider the following essential guide to Lost Girl.

The Premise

The premise of Lost Girl is as follows: Bo is an otherworldly succubus from the Fae world, who was unknowingly adopted by a human family who was unaware of her true nature. Bo did not realize that there was anything different about her, either, until she entered puberty and accidentally killed her boyfriend by draining his life force during their first intimate moment. After the accidental killing, Bo found out she was adopted and discovered more about her true origins; she decided to run away, living instead with no real identity on the run.

Rachel Skarsten as Tasmin
Rachel Skarsten as Tasmin

Bo eventually meets and saves a human woman from a sexual assault, and the two team up to form a detective agency geared towards human and Fae interaction. Meanwhile, Bo discovers that there is more to the world of Fae than she originally thought—and it’s not always safe.

The Cast

The show stars Anna Silk as Bo Dennis, the main character and succubus who discovers her unearthly powers when she accidentally kills her boyfriend. Bo wants to learn more about her true nature, her powers, and how–or if–she can control them. In addition to her role in Lost Girl, Anna Silk has starred in several commercials, had a reoccurring role in Being Erica, and has had several small film roles.

The show also features Kris Holden-Ried as Dyson, a wolf-shapeshifter who works as a homicide detective and uses his wolf powers to solve crimes. He is ordered to keep an eye on Bo, but their relationship begins to take a serious turn when he realizes that Bo is not the monster others believe she is.

Paul Amos is Vex
Paul Amos is Vex

Ksenia Solo appears as Mackenzie Malikov, better known as Kenzi; Kenzi is the human woman that Bo saves, and the two become fast friends. Kenzi hides under the cover of being Bo’s “property “when they are in the presence of people from the Fae world, since human-Fae interaction is generally forbidden with the exception of Fae who own humans that do their bidding.

The show also features Zoie Palmer as Dr. Lauren Lewis; Rick Howland as Fitzpatrick McCorrigan; K.C. Collins as Hale Santiago; Paul Amos as Vex; Inga Cadranel as Aife; Emannuelle Vaugier as Evony; Kate Trotter as Norn; Aron Tager as Mayer; Anthony Lemke as Ryan Lambert; Athena Karkanis as Nadia; Raoul Rujillo as Garuda; and Deborah Odell as Stella Nashira.

The Creative Team

Lost Girl was created by Michelle Lovretta; the show is Lovretta’s only major work to date. Jay Firestone joined the project as an executive producer early on. Firestone has been involved in numerous films and TV shows over the years, including: Rules of Engagement, Relic Hunter, Mutant X, Andromeda, Dark Matter, and Rat Race.

Other producers include Peter Mohan, who was an executive producer for season 2; Grant Rosenberg, who was a co-executive producer for season 2; Emily Andras, who was an executive producer for seasons three and four; and Michael Grassi, who was the executive preorder for season 5.

Ratings and Reception

The initial reception to Lost Girl was mixed but generally favorable. Most early critics called the show “enjoyable,” “watchable,” and “fun.” Some of the more notable favorable reviews note that the character of Bo was exceptionally well-written, particularly within the genre of supernatural or science fiction television. Some of the criticism aimed at the show noted that the special effects and budget were on the lower end, although this may have been the reason that the series ended up being shown internationally, as the lower cost for filming translated into lower licensing fees from the executive producers.

Zoie Palmer is Lauren
Zoie Palmer is Lauren

Another point of criticism was aimed not at the show itself, but the American SyFy channel for editing out 90 seconds from each episode in order to fit in more commercials. In addition to this editing taking away scenes for American viewers, the specific scenes removed—namely, scenes depicting more explicitly romantic scenes between the lesbian characters in the show, which appeared to have been cut out of the series for their more explicit LGBT  content. Although the official Lost Girl creative team claimed that they edits were purely done for time and not specifically due to their content, many fans noted that it could not have been a coincidence that the cuts almost always seemed to occur during those scenes and not intimate scenes between the heterosexual couples and characters.

The ratings for the show are difficult to measure due to the Canadian viewer count system. By most accounts, the viewer ratings tended to go in between 200,000 and 400,000 per episode for the first season. The show’s second and third season had higher ratings, although the exact numbers are unknown. The ratings for the show’s international airings are currently not available.

The 100 logo

Essential Guide to The 100

The 100, which airs on The CW network, is a post-apocalyptic science fiction drama series which premiered on March 19th, 2014. The show was developed by Jason Rothenberg and is adapted from a book series written by Kass Morgan. The show is currently renewed for three seasons; the third season is expected to begin airing sometime in 2016.

The 100 is considered a successful show for The CW network. It has maintained fairly stable ratings throughout its two seasons so far, and it currently has a large fan base. Some of the show’s success can be attributed to fans of the original book series, who are eagerly tuning in each week to see how one of their favorite books is being adapted for television.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of the original books, a fan of the series despite not reading the books, or just someone interested in learning more about this unique show airing on The CW, consider the following essential guide to The 100.

The Premise

Marie Avgeropouls as Octavia Blake
Marie Avgeropouls as Octavia Blake

The premise of The 100 is as follows: the storyline is set almost 100 years after a nuclear war has wiped out almost every bit of life on the planet Earth. The only known survivors of this nuclear war are people who were living on a series of space stations orbiting the earth, which were present prior to the breakout of the nuclear war. The space stations, now banded together as “The Dark,” are home to just 2,400 people. Limited resources have drastically changed life on the Dark, where any crime (no matter how severe or the circumstances surrounding it) is punishable by death through ejection into space. The only exception is people who are under 18 years of age, who are kept imprisoned.

When it is discovered that The Ark needs to immediately be rid of a significant amount of people in order to continue supporting the current population, 100 teenage prisoners are classified as “expendable.” They are chosen for a mission, believed to be a certain suicide mission, to see if the Earth can support any life—that mission? “The 100.”  After they are sent down to earth, they discover that not everyone was wiped out in the war—and the survivors aren’t always friendly.

The Cast

Eliza Taylor as Clarke Griffin
Eliza Taylor as Clarke Griffin

Eliza Taylor was cast as Clarke Griffin, the daughter of Jake Griffin and Dr. Abigail Griffin; Clarke was imprisoned after she was found guilty of being an accessory to crimes her father committed.. Clarke is depicted as natural but compassionate leader-type character, who is hardened by life on Earth, although she hopes that the people on the planet and the people on the Ark will be able to live in peace together.

Bob Morley was cast as Bellamy Blake, the brother of Octavia Blake. Bellamy clashes with Clarke initially due to the fact that Bellamy prefers a more militaristic approach to leadership whereas Clarke is more democratic; but he eventually reveals a softer, more compassionate side for both The 100 and the survivors on earth.

Other actors in the series include Paige Turco as Abigail Griffin; Thomas McDonnel as Finn Collins; Marie Avgeropoulous as Octavia Blake; Lindsey Morgan as Raven Reyes; Devon Bostick as Jasper Jordan; Ricky Whittle as Lincoln; Henry Ian Cusick as Marcus Cane; and Isiah Washington as Thelonius Jaha.

The Creative Team

Adina Porter as the grounder warior Indra
Adina Porter as the grounder warior Indra

The TV series is based on a series of novels originally written by Kass Morgan; the show itself was developed by Jason Rothenberg, who has done previous work for shows and films such as Body Politic, American Cuisine, and original Intent. Rothenberg is also an executive producer on the show, along with Leslie Morgenstein, Bharat Nalluri, Gina Girolamo and Matt Miller. The series is produced by CBS Television Studios, Alloy Entertainment, and Warner Bros. Television, who distributes it.

Reception and Ratings

The series premiered to exceptionally high ratings on The CW. In fact, the ratings for the season premiere—2.7 million viewers—were the highest ratings in that timeslot on the CW. The critical reception of the show’s first season was generally favorable; with a 72% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and praise from critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, the show is given a consensus review that notes the show is ‘flooded with stereotypes’ but that it has a ‘suspenseful atmosphere [which] helps make The 100 a rare high-concept guilty pleasure.”

The second season of the show had even higher critical reviews, with a rare score of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. The show’s second was described by critic Kyle Fowle as one of the “very few shows [which] manage to push the boundaries of moral compromise in a way that feels legitimately difficult. … Those shows never back down from the philosophical murkiness of their worlds; refusing to provide a tidy, happy ending if it doesn’t feel right. … The 100 has done the same, presenting a finale that doesn’t shy away from the morally complex stakes it’s spent a whole season building up.” Although the second season’s premiere did not have as many viewers as the first, the average viewer per episode was only slightly down—from 2.59 million on Season 1 to 2.46 million in season 2. In any case, the glowing reviews for season 2 are considered to more than make up for the slight dip in ratings, which are still very high for any show on The CW.


The show has some amazing CGI effects
The show has some amazing CGI effects

The show actually began filming before the first book in the series was released; developer Jason Rothenberg picked up the filming rights for the series before it had been published.

Raven, who does not appear directly in the original books, was originally supposed to be Finn’s mother; however, the script writers decided to give her characteristics similar to those of Glass from the original book.

Raven was only supposed to stick around for one season, but the character was so popular that the show’s creative team decided to promote her to series regular for season 2 instead.

The book and TV series have many differences—including new characters, characters who are alive in the book and dead in the series (and vice versa) as well as a darker past for Clarke who, in the book, is a drug addict.

cover photo game of thrones

Game of Thrones Controversies

Game of Thrones, adapted from the George R. R. Martin books, is no stranger to controversy. In fact, ever since the show’s first season, the series has frequently been called one of the most controversial on television. Some of the controversy stems from the show’s frequent depiction of nude people—usually the actresses—as well as its excessive sexual content; but other controversies have been related to the show’s treatment of the books, particularly in how it has deviated from them in ways that significantly alter the characterization or depiction of certain characters.  Many of the changes that the show has made have actually made the scenes more controversial than they were in the books themselves!

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most controversial moments in the HBO TV series, Game of Thrones—so far.

Jamie rapes Cersei

'Jamie' and 'Cercei' in Game Of Thrones
‘Jamie’ and ‘Cercei’ in Game Of Thrones

Fans who had read the books were wondering if the show would go so far as to depict one of the book series’ strangest scenes: in the books, after the death of Joffrey, Cersei and Jamie are in the royal family’s tombs and have a sexual encounter. In the books, the encounter is consensual, although at first Cersei is worried about being caught.

The TV show, however, completely altered the dynamic between Jamie and Cersei in this scene. Rather than being consensual, Jamie raped a clearly unwilling Cersei—and to no one’s surprise, fans were pretty upset. The controversy did not necessarily come from the depiction of sexual assault, which had been shown on the show before, but from the fact that the scene in the books was consensual and it was changed to be non-consensual.

The Red Wedding

Micchelle Fairley as 'Catelyn Stark'
Micchelle Fairley as ‘Catelyn Stark’

The Red Wedding wasn’t exactly a bowl of sunshine in the original Game of Thrones books. However, the TV version of The Red Wedding went a step further by adding a character at the feast who was not originally there: Talisia, the pregnant wife of Caitlyn Stark’s son. Her presence led to one of the most brutal deaths depicted in the show, which depicted her being stabbed repeatedly in her very pregnant belly before being stabbed in the chest herself. All the while Caitlyn Stark was forced to watch the carnage.

This addition seemed to serve no purpose other than to make an already disturbing scene even more shocking than it already was.

The invention of female characters that exist solely to be abused or brutally murdered

In addition to altering storylines to make some sexual encounters from the books consensual, the show is notorious for inventing female characters solely for the purpose of having them be sexually abused and/or killed in a brutal fashion which usually emphasizes their gender. By contrast, there are very few show-only male characters who have been introduced, much less introduced for the sole purpose of sexually abusing or murdering.

For example: The character of Ros is a show-only character who was introduced as a prostitute that worked with Littlefinger; she eventually became something of a business-partner, but when she tried to go beyond the scope of Littlefinger’s plans, he gave her to Joffrey. Joffrey then tied her up and used her as a living target, specifically targeting her private regions. Another example is the aforementioned Talisia; in the books, the woman that Robb marries is of no consequence, but in the show she was given characterization and plenty of screen time to develop her relationship with Robb. Fans thought that perhaps she would be woven into the series after the Red Wedding, but instead she was brutally murdered in a fashion directly tied to her gender—her pregnant belly; she became yet another female character invented for the show to kill off.

Oberyn Martell’s death

'Oberyn Martell' dies in Game of Thrones
‘Oberyn Martell’ dies in Game of Thrones

Oberyn Martell’s death, as depicted in the show, is fairly accurate to the books. In both the book and TV show, Oberyn is brutally killed during an arena fight—his head is literally crushed by his opponent, who takes him off guard during a weak moment.

Although the brutal nature of his death didn’t deviate from the books, many fans were shocked at just how graphic the show was during this particular scene. The show hasn’t exactly shied away from violence before, but most of the extremely violent scenes—such as the ones where rats eat through a man being tortured—were not explicitly shown, and instead viewers were allowed to grasp the horror through facial reactions instead of a literal depiction of the carnage.

In Oberyn Martell’s case, however, viewers saw the full horror of what happened to him. To many, it was a clear sign that Game of Thrones had no problem pushing boundaries in any direction.

Sansa and Ramsay Bolton

This major departure from the novels was perhaps one of the most controversial moments of the entire series so far; in fact, it led to many people deciding to quit watching the show and in some cases, notable pop culture blogs decided to stop their regular updates about Game of Thrones episodes.

The controversy comes from the fact that the writers exchanged one storyline in the books for another; in the books, Ramsay marries Jeyne Poole, a childhood friend of the Stark family, who is disguised as Arya Stark. Ramsay not only sexually assaults Jeyne, but puts her through mental and physical abuse. She and Theon eventually escape, and until the next book is released, their fate is unknown.

The TV show, however, replaced Jeyne Poole with Sansa Stark—Sansa, who only just gained some agency after finally being freed from the grip of the Lannisters. Before this sudden departure from the novels was announced, the writers were being praised for finally giving Sansa a chance to play ‘the game of thrones’ herself, manipulating Littlefinger and those around her to her own advantage. The decision to force Sansa into yet another situation where she is helpless to avoid sexual abuse was not taken lightly by many Game of Thrones fans, especially since the show had already heightened Sansa’s helplessness from the books in many ways.

Although Sansa—like Jeyne—has now fled with Theon, it would take a team of excellent writers to reverse fan’s feelings about how they’ve written Sansa.